We think, therefore we are Meat
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Chapter 2
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Shobon!
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Dash☆2: We think, therefore we are Meat ε==(O・ω・)O is chapter two of the spin-off manga Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Shobon!.


Sena is talking about switching certain historical things around with meat. She is embracing the fact that Yozora always calls her "Meat". Yozora and Kodaka are shocked thinking that Sena actually calls herself "The Meat Goddess". Yozora cuts off her rant telling her to save her sleep talking for when she's actually sleeping. Sena continues her rant saying that she is meat but what kind of meat? Yozora, confused, assures her that she is meat and asks if she even knows what she's talking about. Sena answers with, yes, saying she does know. She then says that it is only natural to want to know who you are or what meat you are. She calls forth the first "Meat Meeting" inside the clubroom. She continues her rant saying that Kodaka's is a bird so he is chicken meat much to his dismay. Soon, Yukimura arrives in the club-room saying that Kodaka is no chicken meat. He is penis meat causing Yozora and Sena to question him and his meat.

Kodaka ponders that if he's chicken meat then so is Kobato which reminds Sena of her. Sena has one of her Kobato delusions. Yozora slams her hand on the table interrupting the two. Sena angrily asks what she wants to which she says they have strayed off topic and that Sena is a cow. Just the, Rika barges into the club-room telling Sena why she gets called a cow by Yozora. They continue to talk about fat. Rika then states that, based on "body fat percentage," the animal that suits Sena the most would be a seal. An aged seal for that matter which has a body fat percentage of 50%. Yozora then agrees with this. Yozora begins to call Sena, Sena-zarashi (zarashi meaning seal). Sena leaves the room mad and Rika throws herself on the floor after being scolded by Kodaka.

The next day...Kodaka and Yozara are seen in the club-room talking about Sena when they hear a weird noise getting closer to the room. Sena appears at the door in a seal suit proclaiming herself to be Sena-zarashi which completely surprised the two. Yozora begins to laugh and make fun of her which causes her to leave the room. Kodaka follows her out into the hall asking her to return to the room. He says the suit suits her which makes her happy. They continue to chat and she says she was obsessing over the nickname cause she cherishes it as a gift from Yozora.

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