When It All Began
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Chapter 1
Volume Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai CONNECT
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When It All Began is chapter one of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai spin-off, Haganai CONNECT. It is chapter one of volume one.


One morning, as class 2-5 prepares for the arrival of their new transfer student, Yozora Mikazuki couldn't care less on the said matter. After going through with Yozora's characteristics, hobbies and personal likes, the hour of when their new student arrives; however, the new student hasn't able to arrive.

Halfway through Miss Asada's class, the new transfer student suddenly arrives and introduces himself as Kodaka Hasegawa in front of his class while leaving a bad first impression in front of his new classmates. Meanwhile, Yozora was in awe as she recognizes who the new transfer student was as she declares to herself that her youth has now begun. 

A month later, Yozora, irritated, exclaims that Kodaka hasn't been able to notice who she was despite her unrecognizable effort. To vent out her frustration, Yozora goes to her "routine" by chatting with her air friend Tomo-chan. Suddenly, Kodaka appears before Yozora, much to her shock as she worries whether Kodaka had witnessed her talking to something non-existent. While thinking that their current situation is the opportune moment where Kodaka had finally recognized her as his childhood friend, Kodaka instead inquires Yozora whether she can see ghosts. Consequently, Yozora explains to Kodaka that she was conversing with her air friend as Kodaka looked down her with pity. As the two had a brief heated argument on having "real" friends, Kodaka deduces of joining a club. At the same time, Yozora came up with the idea of making a club consisting of only her and Kodaka with the intention of bringing back their friendship.

CONNECT chp 1 Sora hits Maria

Yozora accidentally hitting Maria

After finishing the paperwork for the approval of her club, Yozora passes by one of the school's bulletin boards and notices her spot as one of the top students, much to her resentment for standing out. Afterward, she notices the student who has the highest spot on the list of students - Sena Kashiwazaki - a person Yozora dislikes to the core.

Yozora then heads to the school chapel to negotiate with sister Maria of having her lounge room as their club-room. However, Maria badmouths Yozora upon her entrance but notices that the cause of her sour attitude was hunger. As Yozora prepares to give Maria a snack, Yozora unwittingly hit Maria on the cheek by mistake. With no turning back, Yozora acts assertively to Maria into coercing her into surrendering her lounge room as their club-room and becoming its adviser.

The following day, Yozora presents to Kodaka the club she formed - the Neighbor's Club - and later, a girl whom Yozora is familiar with appeared before the club-rooms doors.


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