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Yozora Profile

三日月 夜空
Mikazuki Yozora
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Date of Birth December 24th
BWH 89-57-79 [1]
Blood Type A
Height 162 cm (5'3")
158 cm (5'2") [2]
  • High-School Student
  • Club President
  • Book Store Employee (former)
Class 2-5 (Formerly)
School St. Chronica's Academy
Japanese Voice Marina Inoue (Japanese)
Ayane Sakura (Child)
English Voice Whitney Rodgers
Novel Debut Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1



Yozora and Kodaka's first encounter.

Ten years prior to the story, Yozora had actually met Kodaka after protecting him from bullies but ended up getting into a fight with him instead. Afterward, they became friends and played with each other often. During this time they found a cat under an abandoned temple and named it Night. After playing with the cat it eventually left Yozora and Kodaka.

At one point Kodaka's family was forced to move to another city because of his father's work. Thus, he decided to tell Yozora this before he left but Yozora herself had something to tell him. Being too embarrassed to tell him the truth, Yozora didn't meet Kodaka before he left.

Character HistoryEdit

Mikazuki Yozora's Family SituationEdit

Yozora's original surname is Hidaka. When she was young, her father cheated on her mother, with her mother's best friend from college, even later divorcing and getting remarried. While Hinata (Yozora's older sister), went with the complete family, Yozora decided to stay with her mother despite the worse condition. Wanting to cheer up her depressed mother after the divorce, she tried to cook for her, but her mother took it as an insult (because her mother is bad at cooking), and out of rage, she almost killed Yozora with a kitchen knife. This was when Yozora developed a fear (trauma) of knives that lasted for several years.

Because of this, the young Yozora came to dislike females and began to dress up like a boy, calling herself a more genderless name "Sora".

Her mother does not work and they survived on the few dollars sent by her father. Yozora also worked part-time at a bookshop to support the family.

When It All BeganEdit


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